The COMPASS’ Origin

As a young Army officer in Operation Desert Storm, founder David Garza was dispatched to carry out a transfer of combat assets to supporting units away from the main unit. During this effort, David’s parent unit moved quickly to the front lines to engage the enemy, leaving him and his small team behind—deep in enemy territory with minimal firepower and without radio contact. Facing this challenge, David had to generate a strategy, a plan, and lead his troops for the next 36 hours back to friendlier surroundings. In doing so, David used a compass, a map, and an early version GPS to maneuver his team back to his parent unit. He arrived just in time to assist in an ensuing tank battle and to evacuate wounded soldiers while under enemy fire, for which he was awarded a Bronze Star Medal and an Army Commendation Medal with “V” device for Valor.

Like that simple compass, that was so instrumental in guiding his direction to a successful ending in battle, COMPASS Human Capital Advisors provides guidance to business owners, helping them establish their direction to a successful business outcome.

Lessons off the Battlefield for Business

David’s battlefield experience translates to a strongly held belief that success in business requires a visionary and purposeful direction and a well-prepared team to execute that direction. Throughout his leadership assignments, David routinely guided the executive teams he supported and his HR teams to shift from a transactional, tactical mindset to a collaborative, results-focused approach, anchored in a shared purpose and vision and bolstered by clearly defined job roles, workplaces that enabled employees to work, and well-designed systems and processes that reinforced success. He’s experienced in improving an organization’s effectiveness in achieving its strategy through people.

Through COMPASS Human Capital Advisors, David is sharing his unique approach with small-to-mid-size business owners, helping them achieve success through the improved leadership and management of their people.

About David Garza

Since 2011, David Garza has led COMPASS Human Capital Advisors as its Founder, CEO and Managing Director. David is a West Point graduate, decorated combat veteran, Texas MBA Fellow, an experienced senior HR executive, and a self-published author.  Under David’s leadership, COMPASS provides additional fractional CHRO and employee/HR-related services to growing businesses to fit their needs.