Companies with aligned employees move farther and faster on their growth path. An aligned employee is an individual who knows and understands where the organization is heading as well as how they contribute to it in their job role.

Studies show that aligned employees are more likely to be top performers compared to the competition. Aligned employees are more accountable for their work. They take the initiative to solve problems. And they make choices as you would expect them to do.

Employees who are aligned with your direction and their job roles are more focused, more productive, and more successful.


Companies with engaged employees have greater retention and commitment than their competition. An engaged employee is an individual who has trust and belief in the organization’s leadership and confidence that the organization’s culture and environment takes their well-being into account.

According to Gallup, employees who are not engaged have:

  • 37% higher absenteeism,
  • 18% lower productivity, and
  • 15% lower profitability.

Simply put, disengaged employees are costing you money.

Engaged people aren’t just motivated to work, they believe their efforts are meaningful. They are knowledgeable, attentive, and committed in their work. Increasing employee engagement gives you a strategic advantage over your competition and increases your bottom line.


Companies with resilient teams are more capable of handling adversity and overcoming challenges. A resilient team is one that has been formed from effecting hiring processes, whose members clearly understand what they must be capable of doing and how they are rewarded for it, and whose members can carry out the mission in the absence of clear instructions or guidance.

Resilient employees and teams are better able to manage work-related challenges and address problems by taking the initiative. They are highly capable of carrying out their job in routine and non-routine situations. Resilient employees and teams are enabled to share their learned knowledge and experience with others. They are empowered, confident, and fulfilled.


Companies with aligned, engaged, and resilient employees and teams are in a better position to achieve their business strategy and goals through individual employee performance. To actualize this achievement is to optimize employee performance.

Optimizing your people is your organization’s biggest opportunity to improve results. But, research by the Metrus Institute found that more than 80% of managers have significant gaps in their ability to optimize talent.

Optimization is accomplished when your employees are performing their work to directly contribute to the achievement of your business strategy and goals rather than working arbitrarily. Optimized employees clearly know that their performance efforts are measured and rewarded against the company’s progress. Optimization means not only are your employees succeeding, but their performance is advancing your company goals.

Impact for Your Bottom Line

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